Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sleepytime MMO

In this dream, it was Josh, Courtney, Tim and I on some sort of quest. Josh was a warrior, Tim was a mage (using a Kendama, like Genis from Tales of Symphonia), Courtney was a mage (using a giant Chakram, ala Tira for Soul Calibur 4), and I was a mounted archer (think Fire Emblem).We were all walking around questing or something, when Tim remembered there was this kickass boss we could fight for tons of experience. Tim knew theway, so we followed him through this strange prison-esque looking place, until we finally got to a pirate ship sitting on dry land. We went on it one by one and stood on the deck, when suddenly the ship took off and started flying. We all got our bearings as we took to the sky, when we suddenly saw a giant fucking metal dragon. Its mouth was easily bigger than the entire ship (which was probably the size of the Black Pearl from PotC) and had a long body to go with it. Its face was reminiscent of the lava dragons from Super Mario World, too, so it was kinda goddamn creepy. So Josh starts throwing axes at it, Tim casts fire spells, I start shooting arrows, and Courtney casts ice spells, and then the ship starts fucking maneuvering around like a lunatic, and we're struggling to stay on. At one point, Courtney fell off... and respawned right back on the deck, which was handy. We got him down to about half health (which took a while, fucker was persistent), when the ship went vertical and the dragon started flying underneath us. We all grabbed onto various things to stay on, and the dragon started trying to inhale us. We held on, but it managed to grab our weapons. It spat them back out at us, but switched Josh and Courtney's weapons, along with Tim and me. However, we couldn't just give them back, we needed to open a trade menu or some bullshit, so by the time we finally got our weapons back, the dragon ran away, and the ship automatically started heading to the ground. I wanted to go fight him again, thinking he might only be at half HP, but Josh said that wouldn't be the case and was disheartened by what happened. So we all walked away from the ship, and I woke up.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party Time

I was going to see some movie, but I don't remember what movie. However, to get to the movie, I needed to traverse this giant underground shaft/maze, where the floors kept rotating and shit, making it kind of a bitch no navigate. After going down multiple floors of this shit, I finally got to a movie poster and a little door. I opened the door, and the showing I wanted to make was already leaving. I say leaving not in the sense that the movie was done and they left, but leaving in the sense that for some reason, the movie theater seats were on a giant track and they were currently riding away to see the movie. I accepted my fate and went to go wait for the next showing, which had some people waiting already. I sat down on a wooden chair that was leaning back and forth. Then, for some reason, out of nowhere, George, Marnie, Jason, Courtney, and Paul were there, and we decided to party. The movie theater was not a good place to party, so we decided to go to one that George was throwing (which was in a Six Flags that apparently was in Somers Point?). So were driving down the road to get to the party, when we took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of the road. To remedy this, we pulled into some guy's driveway to see where me messed up. Some old bearded dude came out and started flipping shit becazuse we had the nerve to pull into his driveway. The guy was also smoking a joint, and when we turned to leave Jason yelled at him to get some better weed (I dunno lol). So, we finally arrived at George's party, which was in some house at the Six Flags. The party was fun and we were all having a good time. I know other shit happened, but it's all overshadowed by one vivid memory. For some reason, the bartender at this party was an octopus. A big, giant, fucking octopus with a shit ton of bottles around that understood english and especially how to mix drinks. And to top it off, he's make like four drinks at a time and serve 8 people at once because he had goddamn 8 arms. It was the coolest thing ever. And that's all that I remember, because octopus bartender, holy shit.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Old, partial dream. Better than nothing though.

The dream started out that me and a bunch of other people I know started living in some sort of small village-esque thing, but it felt a bit more modern. I was living with my mom and renee in some apartment looking building. I remember going out to the town square and going to a shop. I bought a black and white donut (I dunno lol, that's what I referred to it as. Then, the shopkeeper girl said she liked those donuts, so I bought her one too. I tried to write down my number for her, but for some reason I like physically couldn't. My hands were having trouble moving, which was eerie. After leaving, I found out she was the daughter of some important mayoral like figure. I think more happened on that, but I can't remember it lol. I do remember that on the way home, courtney wanted me to help her bring boxes into her home she was moving into. I told her I was really tired and went to do... something else

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Battle Royale

I blame Paul for this dream, I had it at his house.

I entered into some internet contest where 100 people had to kill/incapacitate each other, set in oakcrest estates for some reason. I had an advantage, seeing as how I live there. I don't recall what weapons we started with, but i ended up making it to the last fifteen or so. There was an argument between two of the contestants who were allied with me, so I took them to my house to settle it. While I was distracted or doing something, suddenly I heard them fighting. By the time I got there, they had mortally wounded each other. I decided to leave my house, and it was dark out. I realized (somehow) that I was the only one left, everyone's had finished each other off when i was inside. Then I went inside to email the people inside that I had won. And I don't know how it related, but for some reason my mom and Courtney were inside drinking orange soda. And then I woke up.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


My dream started with Paul and I making smoke rings. I was in a place I didn't recognize, but it was reminiscent of a neighborhood like Oakcrest Estates (pretty sure we were in a cul de sac). Paul had said he was feeling sick, so he went to the doctor, and he got a phone call with his test results. Apparently he had something very serious and needed to take some medicine (that I guess we had) on the half hour for the next 14 hours if he wanted to live. For some reason, the disease sounded familiar but the cure sounding really far-fetched, like I had had it and was told something else. I told Paul good luck, but that I was worried that cure didnn't seem right. Paul ended up leaving, and then I don't remember the specifics of how it happened, but there was definitely a car chase. I remember jumping onto the side of a car from another one, trying to take the driver out, it was pretty intense. Afterwards, I stopped by England (it wasn't in Europe, it was just some weird city near where we were, but everyone had English accents and such). I went to a hospital there, and I remember them treating me very weirdly. One woman was talking to me as if I was about to slip into a coma, offering me a bed where I can "sleep away from everyone" and other ewird things. She asked if I wanted a sort of blended food concotion, and when I told her I wanted real food, she said "Oh that's really good, you might wake up soon" which freaked me out enough to leave the hospital. I returned to the cul de sac, and now there was a whole big group of people loitering around (Steve, Tim, Katie, Courtney of note, then a buncha random people). We were taking pictures for some group we all belonged to, so a few of us were posing. Steve asked me what I had been up to the last few days, and when I went to answer I was incredibly confused, because I didn't know.  I starte thinking harder and harder, and then it all hit me at once. The strange disease Paul had gotten wasn't his disease, it was mine. The doctors had told ME abou the cure, which we followed to a T. After that, instead of killing me, the disease knocked me into a coma. Some of the strange things I heard in the English hospital made sense; the nurses were talking in my room, and I could hear them, and that translated into my coma dream. Then, I broke off from everyone and desprately started trying to wake myself up (from the coma, not this particular dream, though he even knows at this weird point). The last thing I ended up trying was bulding a tower to the sky, hoping it would let me escape, and then I woke up.

Segments from a while ago

I've been in kind of a lull remembering my dreams, and then I had one when I stayed at Paul's house. I went to go jot it down in my phone, and I totally found two old dreams that I completely forgot about. Which will make for two extra days I can actually update this thing, awesome.

Weird dream segments for now:

I was in a cafeteria of some sort. Some big black dude gave me and like a few other people chinese food for free. Then, after we were done, he said he meant to save that, and demanded we pay him for it. The general consensus was "fuck off"

I also remember being at some magic the gathering tournament, where I opened my packs and got dinosaur eggs, like real ones. A friend opening his pulled like real living sea creatures.

This next part I sort of remember coming after the black guy part, though I don't know how they relate. There was a big tower with a huge line to get top climb up it. I walked by at some lull in the line, and went inside, where I had to do some series of puzzles to get to the top. When i did get there, I was in some sort of house with some naked girl, and the next step of the quest was to get her a towel. I went to a house across the street (I was in a neighborhood now) and helped an old lady so she'd give me one. I got a specific towel that I have in real life, then went back. I got woken up before I got to give the naked girl her towel, though.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Boss Battle

A few other people and I were sitting in a white room (Of note were tim, paul, and antonio). It looks like a normal house's room, except it was all white. None of us knew where we were, apparently we had all just "woken up" of sorts. There was a PS2 and PS3 in the room, both of them on. Antonio and I had PS2 controllers, so we turned the TV on to see what was  in. We switched to the PS3 first, and some game that looked like Oblivion was on. As soon as we tried to move though, our character got beheaded and we couldn't progress in the game. We switched to the PS2, and then we were all suddenly in some foreign area (which I assume was whatever PS2 game it was). We were in a castle of sorts, helping random people and whatnot. Notably, the "bosses" were a little weird. I had walked into a room with a giant hole in the middle (I'm talking like half a mile diameter hole), and inside waws a giant... bird... thing. It had giant black wings that reached outside of the hole, which it used to try and take us out with. After a big "fuck this shit" I turned around and went to leave, and it stretched its head through the ceiling (which was pretty high up), and it broke back through in front of me at the exit. The boss's head looked like a giant gray skull with 8 eyes (Picture two Crocomire from Super Metroid kinda as one entity, looked sorta like that. I started slashing at it with my dagger(?), and it's outer layer faded away, leaving three giant bulgy eyes underneath. Antonio camne up and started attacking it to no avail, so we said "fuck this shit" again and ran away. And then sadly my alarm went off and I didn't get tobeat the boss :(