Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sleepytime MMO

In this dream, it was Josh, Courtney, Tim and I on some sort of quest. Josh was a warrior, Tim was a mage (using a Kendama, like Genis from Tales of Symphonia), Courtney was a mage (using a giant Chakram, ala Tira for Soul Calibur 4), and I was a mounted archer (think Fire Emblem).We were all walking around questing or something, when Tim remembered there was this kickass boss we could fight for tons of experience. Tim knew theway, so we followed him through this strange prison-esque looking place, until we finally got to a pirate ship sitting on dry land. We went on it one by one and stood on the deck, when suddenly the ship took off and started flying. We all got our bearings as we took to the sky, when we suddenly saw a giant fucking metal dragon. Its mouth was easily bigger than the entire ship (which was probably the size of the Black Pearl from PotC) and had a long body to go with it. Its face was reminiscent of the lava dragons from Super Mario World, too, so it was kinda goddamn creepy. So Josh starts throwing axes at it, Tim casts fire spells, I start shooting arrows, and Courtney casts ice spells, and then the ship starts fucking maneuvering around like a lunatic, and we're struggling to stay on. At one point, Courtney fell off... and respawned right back on the deck, which was handy. We got him down to about half health (which took a while, fucker was persistent), when the ship went vertical and the dragon started flying underneath us. We all grabbed onto various things to stay on, and the dragon started trying to inhale us. We held on, but it managed to grab our weapons. It spat them back out at us, but switched Josh and Courtney's weapons, along with Tim and me. However, we couldn't just give them back, we needed to open a trade menu or some bullshit, so by the time we finally got our weapons back, the dragon ran away, and the ship automatically started heading to the ground. I wanted to go fight him again, thinking he might only be at half HP, but Josh said that wouldn't be the case and was disheartened by what happened. So we all walked away from the ship, and I woke up.

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